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110 Please Don't Spank Me...
112 Burning Ambition
113 It's So Embarrassing
114 The Long Arm of the Law
115 Report to Miss Parker
116 Takes Those Off, Put These On
117 Is this Dust I see?
118 Behind Closed Doors
119 Sir Roderick's Commandments
120 You Two Again
121 It's Not My Fault
122 Indecent Exposure
123 The Navy Lark
124 Not In Front of Her
125 Charity Begins at Home
126 Because I Care
127 Out of Bounds
128 Winners & Losers
129 Doing Hard Time
130 Sisters
131 It's in the Contract
132 Behind Closed Doors 3
133 Twenty Questions
134 Setting an Example
135 A Disgrace to the Uniform
136 An Ad in the Times
137 Hard Lines
138 Sent Down
139 Another Ad in the Times
140 Secretaries
141 We're in Trouble
142 The Head Girl's Mistake
143 You Should Know Better
144 Keep it in the Family
145 Sister Act
146 Dry Your Tears
147 It's Your responsibility
148 Times are Getting Harder
149 Demoted to the Fourth
150 Double Jointed
151 Like Mother, Like Daughter
152 Taking Care of Business
153 Cross Country
154 Misbehaviour
155 The Red Rolls-Royce
156 She's Got No Right
157 The New Head Girl
158 Sorry Miss!
159 Sister Act II (With Mummy)
160 Sorry is Not Enough
161 Just Another Day at St. Stripes part 1
162 Telling Tales
163 Just Another Day at St. Stripes part 2
164 On Probation
165 Just Another Day at St. Stripes part 3
166 A Month in the Country
167 Overstepping the Mark
168 It's For Your Own Good
169 Phoning Home
170 Loyal Employees
171 For Being Impertinent
172 A Bad Example
173 Trust Me

Red Stripe Millennium - It's Because of You

This film was made after the sad passing of Ivor. It was an attempt to keep RedStripe films alive. But it didn't have his vision…

Please note, it is not a mistake that number 111 is missing, this film was never produced…Just miss numbered!

Also the film Behind Closed Doors 2, a Femme Domme movie, was produced under the Boys Behaving Badly Label